Cooking the way it was meant to be. High heat, higher flavors.

About ICWF

ICWF was actually born long before you and I or anyone else still living today. All I did was borrow the name. When it comes to cooking to perfection there's just nothing better than high heat seared meats, perfectly timed vegetables, and the smell of smoke around a patio filled with friends and family enjoying great times.

ICWF Products

ICWF is the boiler room for some amazing products that have to do with cooking with fire. Our flagship products are the QuadGrate and the QuadCooker. You can learn more about these products by following these links: QuadGrate - designed to work with your existing cooker like the Big Green Egg and the Kamado QuadCooker - an entirely new take on cooking with fire that reaches heats high enough to do the job while the shell remains cool enough to touch.

ICWF Recipes

Try some of these unique recipes created by ICWF and fans. Share your own with us and definitely share your results.

ICWF Articles

There is a tremendous amount of information out there on everything from charcoal to matches and in between. Here you will find some practical responses to the memes and myths as well as new information only available through ICWF (until "they" copy it of course!)